Terms & Conditions


I. Appointments

We will work with you to create a personal appointment calendar of your future appointments. Please give us at least 24hours notice if you can not attend. We are a busy centre and often have clients waiting to use our services. Any appointment missed, without proper notification, will therefore be subject to a charge. It is advised that your missed appointment should be made up within 24 hours.

2. Payment Schedule

Should you need to discontinue care, for any reason, any unused portion of payments made will be returned, prorated for services rendered (For example: The amount for each service that you have had will be added up and deducted from payments made. You will be responsible for any balance on your account). Any balance owing will be due immediately upon termination of your care.

3. Your Health

Your health is of utmost importance to us, and we want you to get the most from our services offered. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask. WE ARE HERE FOR YOU. If you feel you are not progressing at the rate you expected, or need to speak with us about any questions or concerns you may have, please let the front desk know so they can book an appointment for you.