Natalie Goodfellow

Human Potential Advocate

I’m the latest addition to THoHP family, but not new to the clinic. I’ve been a practice member for over ten years and being adjusted regularly has massively improved my severe knee pain and digestive issues over that – time.

Ben and the team around him, were also instrumental in helping me deal with my grief over losing my husband, without THoHP and their support, my outlook on life will have been very different.

Having always worked in hospitality with absolutely no work/life balance, Ben saw that I was struggling and helped me to finally make a change. Lucky for me, there was a position available within the clinic and I was delighted that Izzy gave me the chance to become part of the team here. I’ve been given a new lease of life. I have more -time to do things I enjoy, like walking my dogs, cooking and reading. I’m on a mission to pursue new interests too; I’ve recently tried paddleboarding, been on a hot air balloon ride and have learning to scuba dive and even a skydive in my sights!

It’s a fantastic place to work, meeting practice members and listening to how their spinal health care has made such a difference to their lives is inspiring to say the least. No two days are the same; we are learning every day and our hope is that we can help more and more people in our community achieve wellness. We are here to make a difference and I love it!