Laura Attridge

Human Potential Advocate

My journey started as a patient, approximately 7 years ago with the House of Human Potential when a friend recommended me to Ben.

A year later I saw the job advertised, I loved the fact that every time I came to get checked I learnt something new about health that I could apply to my life.

I decided to apply so I could explore ”alternative healthcare” options that I never knew existed and have never looked back.

The opportunity came to me at a time when I was exploring self development, and the lifestyle of being a Human Potential Advocate has contemplated my journey with understanding how powerful our minds truly are.

My partner and 3 year old have been getting checked for the past 3 years also, with my son’s first check at 13 days old needs a space in , it is so important for me that myself and my family’s zones are balanced regularly so we/they can be the best they can be in all aspects of life. (For example, bringing my 3 year old in with a cold to have his zones balanced cuts his health expression time in half.)

I love what we do in the House of Human Potential from Zone Technique, to our Biohacks, and Personal Training. The results we see in clients is truly ”mind blowing,” and I cannot wait to see what the next couple of years bring.