James Knight

Personal Trainer - Sports Massage

  • Certifed Expert Personal Trainer
  • Certifed L4 Obesity & Diabetes
  • Certifed Strength & Conditioning Coach
  • Certifed Female health & ftness specialist
  • Certifed Pre & Post natal specialist
  • Certifed Kettlebell coach
  • Certifed Nutrition Coach
  • Certifed Sports Massage Therapist
  • Former ARMY Physical Training Instructor

I’ve been a trainer for almost 20 years, helping people live a more active and healthier lifestyle. I’m a keen surfer, paddle boarder, Weightlifter , jogger and lover all things outdoors. Within the health and fitness spectrum, my passion is helping people drop body fat, get stronger and function optimally. This intern helps my clients become happier and more confident within themselves.

My goal is to help my clients understand the importance of consistent exercise and nutrition. I personally help them formulate strategies that simplify how to fit healthier daily actions into their busy lives, creating habits that compound which overtime, create positive outcomes.

My absolute passion is teaching women how to strength train and why it’s so incredibly important for women to perform strength training on a regular basis.

My focus is to remove my client from a place of stress, low self esteem, negative environments and poor functionality, to an environment that demands change. A place of which he/she loves the way they look, feel about themselves and see how it completely changes their lives for the better.

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