Our strengthening your potential department also offers memberships on small groups of personal training sessions (3 max) and osteogenic loading one to one sessions. We are looking to increase the membership availability to other services in the near future. Also available are individual financial plans whereby you can pay up front for a certain number of sessions at a reduced individual session price. Please ask for more details.

Reaching Your Potential - Experts in cranial and spinal healthcare

New Client - Ben Mathew ( Spinologist, Zone Practitioner, Advanced Cranial Techniques)£90
(Includes initial consultation and examination, discussion of ways forward, orientation class and first spinal adjustment.)
New Client - Chiropractic (Initial consultation and examination, includes X Rays if deemed necessary and a Report of Findings. Includes orientation class)£135
Spinal Adjustment (discounted financial plans available)£50
Cranial Facial Release (C.F.R) (discounted financial plans available)£85
Out Patient X Ray (Referral needed from your Health Care Practitioner) - One part£95
Out Patient X Ray (Referral needed from your Health Care Practitioner) - Two or more parts£130
DXL Calscan - Peripheral Bone Densitometer - Fracture Risk Assessment £45

Strengthening Your Potential - Biohack Enhancements

Novothor Red & Infrared Light Therapy Bed £40
BioCharger £10
Osteogenic LoadingPackages of sessions available
HBOT RentalIndividually priced
(Includes delivery, installation, tutorial and safe practice, dismantle and collection service from partnered company 'The Wellness Tree' )

Furthering Your Potential - Rental Opportunities

The Massage Room - half day £30
The Massage Room - full day£60
The Consultation Room - half day£35
The Consultation Room - full day £70
The Studio - half day £40
The Studio - full day £80
The Seminar SpaceFor further details please call the centre

Spinal alignment by a registered provider£50