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The House Of Human potential

Over the last 17 years the directors of the company have travelled thousands of miles and consulted with some of the greatest healers, doctors and scientists on the planet. Inspired by personal and professional challenges, and a desire to create a unique healing experience,
they have combined the latest technologies and healing arts. As a result they have built The House of Human Potential.

Spinology School | In House Health Talks | Rental Space For Seminars
The focus on Educating Your Potential is to enable us to share with you ground breaking research combined with established universal laws to broaden your knowledge in the art...
Red Light Therapy | Oxygen Therapy | Bio Charger
The focus on Furthering Your Potential is to integrate the latest ‘biohacking’ technology to increase energy and enhance recovery at a cellular level.
Personal Training | Osteogenic Loading | Massage
The focus of Strengthening Your Potential is to build on your structural foundation to strengthen, improve function and ensure longevity in your physical being.
Spinal Health Care | Zone Technique | Advanced Cranial Technique
The focus of Reaching Your Potential is the restoration of the subtle relationships between your body and brain by aligning structural displacements caused by physical, chemical and emotional stressors.

Advanced Cranial Technique

Benny Methew

Cranial Fascial Dynamics   

Cranial Facial Release