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the house of human potential

Our house of providers, therapists and biohack technology work together to support our clients in their goals to reach their desired human potential. We believe to reach one’s optimal expression of health, one must be free of mental, physical and chemical interference with a balanced body and mind.

Our unique state of the art facility integrates the latest health care technology which is complemented by highly qualified and inspired practitioners, each with their specific interests in their fields of practice.


Our Approach

We do not focus on pain and ‘quick fixes’ but on desired end results and achieving what our bodies should be capable of doing. We are proud to be leaders in this approach to optimal health.

Our Guarantee

If at any point during your time with us you feel that you are not achieving your desired health goals, we will take time to discuss any concerns you have. If we are unable to help you any further, and if necessary, we will refer you to a practitioner or service that we feel could support you in your ongoing needs.


house of

human potential

you and your

human potential

What to expect

No matter which service you choose or which combination of services you choose we will ensure that you are booked in for an initial consultation and assessment with the appropriate provider. All consultations are thorough and work with the latest technologies to obtain the information needed to design an individual plan/schedule of care aimed to optimise your health and gain the results you want.

Results Matter

So grateful to Sophia for getting my shoulder and arm to mobilise again. I walked through those doors and didn’t look back.

We’ve been under Ben’s care for years, our daughters have been under his care from birth. We feel a ‘boost’ after our appointments; fresher, clearer, niggles balanced out, emotions able to flow and be released.

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